Event Recap: 8-Year Partnership Anniversary Reception

October 21, 2014

CLIENT TYPE:  Corporate IT Services & Technology Consulting Business

LOCATION: The Royalton Hotel Penthouse Suite, New York City

GUEST COUNT: nearly 100 (anticipated 70)



Our client wanted to host a casual cocktail reception to celebrate 8 successful years of partnership with one of their key clients.  They wanted to offer a memorable experience through unique and interactive entertainment with abundant food and wine.  The location of the event had to be walking distance from the client’s office in midtown west Manhattan. 


We focused our venue search on non-traditional event spaces due to the location restriction and assumption that guests had fatigued local venues.  We booked the Penthouse Suite at the Royalton Hotel, which offered a beautiful balcony and a large open floorplan.  We set up a Kinect gaming station, which the client had created a proprietary game for, to promote friendly competition; a wine tasting bar with vintages of wines representing milestone years for the client relationship; and a trivia game with a chance to win the XBOX 360 Kinect game station.  Passed hors d’oeuvres and substantial platters reflected the global nature of the teams with classic representation from India, east Asia, and the U.S. Gift bags were provided at the end of the evening with a branded mobile phone charger and artisan snacks for the ride home.


The marketing of an exclusive venue and interactive elements attracted a higher than expected number of RSVPs.  Guests took advantage of all the interactive elements equally and the atmosphere was lively and jovial.  The client was thrilled with the success of the event and ended up extending the end-time by 2 hours as guests were still enjoying the event.

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