What Are You Tasting: Bridesmaid Napa Valley Red

"Always the bridesmaid, never the bride" is how the saying goes, but this Bridesmaid has no problem taking center stage. Made by Pam Starr and Drew Neiman - whose collective pedigree includes Napa Valley heavy hitters Crocker & Starr, Gemstone, Kongsgaard & Chateau Boswell - Bridesmaid Napa Valley Red is a Bordeaux-style blend that takes advantage of the creators' access to unique barrels and other "undisclosed sources." The base wines were originally earmarked for far more expensive bottlings, but lucky for you (and us), you can get a bottle of Bridesmaid for $38. In the words of Pam and Drew, "Just like her namesake and inspiration, Bridesmaid Wines are available, alluring, important and very sexy." We think you'll agree.


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