What Are You Tasting: 1998 Nikolaihof Riesling Federspiel Steinreisler


1998 Nikolaihof Riesling Federspiel Steinreisler, Wachau, Austria


Living and traveling in Europe exposed me to wine varieties like grüner veltliners and rieslings, so this wine, though from Austria, brought me back to Germany and the style of wines in that region. 


I would like to pair this wine with sautéed kale and shiitake mushrooms- or morels if they are around! Earthy yet uplifting and aromatic.


Riesling wouldn’t be my first choice of wine, but this Riesling was more grounded than expected with pear, floral and true to its region, stony accents. The lightness of this Riesling was also a pleasant surprise.  The main thing I liked about this wine was the element of surprise that disrupted a past bias, and I love when you find a wine that changes your perceptions. This riesling was unexpectedly light, complex and a reflection of its Austrian appellation. Not to mention it evoked great memories of drinking wine in Germany!

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