Wine Spotlight: One Champagne and One Pink Loire Bubbly

Welcome to our first edition of Wine Spotlight, where each week we'll highlight one wine that we are particularly excited about.  This week we couldn't make up our minds, so we picked two: one fantastic Champagne and one sparkling rosé from the Loire Valley.  We thought it was only fitting to launch with bubbles. 

NV Domaine de la Bergerie Crémant de Loire Brut Rosé

This gorgeous rosé sparkling wine is the perfect thing to keep on hand and crack open "just because." Bubbles are a great way to celebrate special occasions, but we think dinner at home on a Wednesday deserves some too.  Crémant wines - which refers to sparkling wines from anywhere in France besides Champagne - offer great values and are perfect for this application.  

This particular wine is made by a 7th generation winemaker in the Loire Valley just south of Paris.  It is a beautifully deep pink color and smells of strawberry and red currants.  The fruit coupled with a frothy, mineral driven palate satisfies like a cold mojito on a hot night.  Perfect as the weather (finally) starts to heat up!

We'd drink this as an aperitif to start the evening off right, or paired with a charcuturie and cheese plate.  It would also be delicious with sushi, baked fish or lighter chicken dishes.

NV Agrapart et Fils Extra Brut Blanc de Blancs, Grand Cru Champagne, Terroirs

This wine is one of Domaine Somm's all time favorites.  From a small producer in the iconic Champagne region, it is elegant, refined and oh-so-delicious.  The Agrapart family have been making Champagne since 1894 and are part of a growing group of "Grower Champagne" houses making their way to the US.  Unlike large Champagne houses like Veuve Cliquot or Moet et Chandon, grower Champagne producers are engaged in every step of the production process, from growing the grapes to labeling the bottles.  They tend to offer much better values and more nuanced flavors. 

This wine is 100% Grand Cru (meaning the grapes are from the best vineyards) and is aged on its lees for four years, which gives it a luxurious texture and delicious brioche flavor that accompany notes of apricot, orange blossom and strong minerality.  The Agrapart family farms their vineyards with almost no chemical fertilizers and harvests all grapes by hand.  One parcel of the vineyard is actually plowed with a horse to avoid compacting the soil, therefore keeping it more alive.

Plus, Champagne is good for your health - at least according to August Agrapart who, at the age of 94, said the secret to his long life was “1 bottle of Champagne a day.”  We think that sounds like an excellent investment.

Enjoy the Agrapart with oysters or caviar (a classic), or sushi - one of our favorite bubbly pairings.  It would also go well with a shaved fennel salad with hazelnuts or a cold summer squash soup.


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