Event Recap: Client Event at CES

January 7, 2015

CLIENT TYPE: A global IT services company

LOCATION:  Chihuly Gallery, Las Vegas




Our client was looking to host a brand enhancing experience at CES with interesting content and activities in a unique setting. Since CES is a large trade show with many hospitality events, it was important to create an experience that stood out from the crowd and one that would leave a lasting impression. 


Given the large volume of people who attend CES, we sought to find an environment where we could create a haven away from the masses. After a thorough venue search, we decided to host the event at the Chihuly Gallery given its off the beaten path feel and central location on the Las Vegas Strip. Dale Chihuly is a world renowned glass sculptor and his works often move into large scale installations. This gallery in particular showcased many of his large colorful glass installations making the setting  a unique visual environment.

In order to provide a unique and engaging activity for the guests during the reception portion of the evening, we produced a Wine Sensory Experience wherein guests could experience all the sensory elements of wine individually, including even through music. In this activity, we also deconstructed structural elements of wine including Aroma, Tannin, Acid, and Body. and even music. We also paired each wine with a different style of song for the guests to experience wine through music.

Our client was keen on featuring content that is topical and trending at CES, but also fun and insightful for a mainstream audience. Our guest speaker for the evening was Gary McCoy, a sports scientist from Catapult Sports. Gary led a lively discussion about how wearable devices are used on athletes in both college and professional sports teams to improve performance. The topic of the future of wearable devices was trending heavily at CES, so our event content was very much spot on for our guests and they enjoyed learning about the practical application of these technologies for some of their favorite teams and athletes.

We strived to create an environment that was sophisticated, yet comfortable. To facilitate interaction during the dinner, we served dinner family style and encouraged questions during the presentation by Gary McCoy. Catering was provided by the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas and they did an excellent job of creating an elegant food experience offsite. 


The Wine Sensory experience allowed guests to think about wine in a different way, and much like the art in the gallery, discover that wine can be subjective and interpreted differently. The guests had a great time discovering new ways to enjoy and learn about wine. The presentation led by Gary McCoy resulted in a lively discussion about wearable devices and professional sports teams. The guests were so captivated by the content that the presentation ended up being more of a conversation as there were so many questions. This was definitely a one of a kind experience of art, wine, and technology. The guests left feeling rewarded by the experience. 

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