What Are You Tasting: 2013 I.A.R Petit Rouge



Ever since its creation in 1951 by the Great Saint Bernard Hospice, the Institut Agricole Régional (I.A.R) have had a mission to preserve the indigenous agrian products of the Valle d’Aosta region. I.A.R is not just a winery- it’s an entire winemaking and agricultural University. All their vineyards are farmed organically and Sommeliers from all over the world have begun traveling here to try their hand at winemaking in this unique region.


The Valle d’Aosta region is located in North Eastern Italy right in between Piedmont and the Swiss Alps. This region is known for esoteric varieties, cold weather and (extremely) vertically challenging vineyard locations. Hence the need for wonderful Institutions like this one, to help keep this region and its beautiful wines alive.


This wine smells so much of violets it’s crazy-town. 85% of that you can attribute to the Petit Rouge varietal, alongside a plethora of indigenous varieties that are way to hard to pronounce (15%). With bright acidity, dusty undertones and lush berries on the palate, we think this wine would be great with cedar smoked salmon or other smoked meats.


This floral red is a labor of love with unique character, much like the region in which it derives.




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