Event Recap: News Division Offsite reception

February 23rd, 2015

CLIENT TYPE:  National Media & Televison Broadcasting Company

LOCATION:  New York City



Our client wanted to incorporate a unique and engaging interaction as part of the reception following the News Division's Off-Site. Since the event was following a long day of meetings, the goal was to provide a fun and rewarding event experience which facilitates team interaction and relationship building.


To create an environment where the guests could learn, engage with each other and with the activity, we showcased our Wine Blending Experience and Blind Tasting Game as part of the reception prior to the seated dinner. At the Wine Blending Experience, attendees learned about the different grape varieties that go into a blended wine such as in a Bordeaux-style wine, and how the varieties interact with each other once blended. With the guidance of one of our Sommeliers, everyone had the chance to create their own signature wine blend based on their preferences. The Blind Tasting Game allowed the competitive spirit of the group to come alive in a fun way. There were three different wines to taste blind and attendees were given game cards to mark their answers to several questions which included identifying the varietal, region and vintage.


The guests were captivated by the blending experience as each guest discovered something new and discussed their favorite blend with each other. The Blind Tasting Game stimulated some healthy competition and debate amongst the team. Even after the reception portion of the evening was over there was still discussion being had about the identity of the wines. These interactive elements of the experience sparked engagement and left the guests feeling rewarded from having learned something new. 


team building wine
interactive wine station