What Are You Tasting: 2001 Chateau Musar Blanc



Chateau Musar has gained fame with the Somms of the world as a high quality producer coming from Lebanon. This winery dates back to the 1930s and has producing Bordeaux style wines that have great ageing potential. They also make white wines such as this. Serge Hochar who has been the wine maker of this legendary estate since the 50s has a very humble approach. “I know nothing about wine. I know how to make wine, but I know nothing about wine, and each day I discover that I know less.”



In Lebanon’s Western Bekaa Valley, has been home to the vine for 6,000 years. Vineyards were commercially exploited here by their sea-faring ancestors who introduced viticulture to Greece, Egypt and Italy. The region’s wines are mentioned many times in the Bible where Christ turned water into wine, is near the southern port of Tyre. Baalbek, originally devoted to Phoenician fertility god Baal, is also the site of a vast Roman temple to wine god Bacchus.



This white is made with the indigenous grapes Merwah and Obaideh and in a slightly oxidized style. Unlike the red varietals that have been grafted on American rootstock, the white grapes are not grafted and are on 50-180 year old vines. We would pair this unique wine with smoked salmon tartine with lemon, capers and crème fraiche.



The oxidized style of this wine allows it to age for decades. The cellars at Ghazir holds bottles of this wine dating as far back as 1954. This funky white may not be for everyone, but wine geeks rejoice! 


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