Top Wine Apps for the Wino


There is an app for just about everything these days and so many to choose from in each category. Now, I don't know about you, but I am running out of GBs! So the apps I choose for such prime real estate better be up to snuff. When it comes to wine related apps, there are many options for a variety of needs. We've dug through the iTunes app abyss to illuminate the best wine apps for winos:

For the Social Sharer:

Delectable is probably the most popular wine app yet; this is basically Instagram for wine. On Delectable, you will build a community around the wines you are drinking. You can scroll down your feed to see what your friends are drinking, and share your new favorite wine with ratings and notes to your followers. You can even buy wine straight from the app. This app is also a great way to lurk famous wine industry folk and discover what they're drinking. 

For Recommendations + Pairings:

Tipsi is like a sommelier in your pocket. If you've ever been at a retail shop or restaurant and felt overwhelmed by choices and the uncertainty that you are picking the best wine, Tipsi will recognize your scan of the wine and pull up recommendations, winemaker notes, regional descriptions, maps, pairings, and ratings. 

Wine Ring will give you recommendations based on your preferences and ratings. Once you've established a few wines you like or don't like, Wine Ring will help you find wines you’ll love based on your unique palate. You can get wine recommendations by your location, the style you want or by what you are eating. You can even snap a photo of a wine to see if you'll like it!

Vivino is another great app for getting recommendations. Take a snapshot of the bottle and discover its reviews and pricing. You can then add your own reviews once you've tried it yourself so you can keep track of your favorites.  If you like to review restaurants wine lists before you get there, they can actually direct you to restaurants that have great wine lists in your area before you go.

For Cellar Management: 

Cellar Tracker is perfect for managing your cellar. You can take photos of the wines you have purchased and sort them by region, varietal, price point or amount. Once you’ve had a wine, move it to “consumed”, then enter in your notes and ratings to remember your favorite bottles. You can also add wines to your wish list that you're drooling over!

For Education:

Wine Maps will show you where everything is! “Terroir” is the French saying that means "a sense of place". All our favorite wines are what they are primarily due to their terroir, so understanding where wine regions are located is half the battle. And not all of us aced 8th-grade geography, so Wine Maps can be incredibly helpful to putting a face to the name. Next time you hear "Alto Adige" you'll know exactly where that is!

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