Top 5 Ways to Engage Your Guests With Wine

Wine tastings can seem pretty straightforward to some and polarizing to others. With such a wide spectrum of comfort and familiarity, it can be difficult to create engagement amongst your guests with wine. Wine should be fun, not intimidating nor predictable. Here are a few ways to make sure your guests are comfortable, engaged, and excited about your event through wine. 

petnat wine tasting

1. Get Hip with the Times

There are trends in every industry, even wine! One way to keep things interesting is to explore a unique region, varietal, or style, such as Pet-Nat. Try an "all natural" theme; organic wines from off-the-beaten-path regions are all the rage right now. Staying in vogue is key to keeping a diverse audience engaged. 


blind tasting game domaine somm

2. Make it interactive

In this technology filled world, we spend most of our day with our heads shoved into a screen, so it’s a nice change to make a real connection. Turn your average wine tasting into a blending experiment to encourage collaboration! Or create a game out of it with a blind tasting to add a competitive edge. Contact us to learn more about our Wine Experiences for more interactive ideas!


3. Try pairing wine with music

Studies have shown music can drastically affect the way we feel about what we are drinking. Have an iPod or iPad and earphones ready with a variety of musical selections. This can be a fun, subjective exercise. You’d be surprised how differently you may perceive a wine if you’re listening to The White Stripes versus the Righteous Brothers.



photo credit:  Wine Folly

photo credit: Wine Folly


4. Try bringing food into the equation

Food and wine can play off each other in many ways. Try letting your guests sample different pairings. Have a wine pairing "station" with small bites and wine made with different grape varieties. This doesn’t need to be fancy, even different flavored chocolates or styles of cheeses will work. Taste using some basic pairing guidelines and explore your palate. Discover a delectable pairing you've never experienced before!


5. Splurge

Sometimes there is no better way to make your guests or employees feel valued than to treat them to something special. Try some flare, like a champagne tower. Include some rare wines or vintages that represent a milestone! Check out our Wine Concierge to learn more about curated selections for special events and gifts.



And remember, DON'T BE A SNOB! Wine can be an intimidating consumable as it is. So even if you are the wine expert in your office or group, make it approachable so everyone can get in on the fun! Cheers!