How Sommeliers Get Through the Holidays Part Two

From parties to pairings, finding great values, or gems worthy of a splurge; wine questions are abundant this time of year! So we asked our wine advisors to share their tips on ways navigate the world of wine during the Holidays. Enjoy the second edition of our blog series, How Sommeliers Get Through the Holidays.

What style of wine do you bring to a holiday party?

JORGE: Bubbles!!!! Any kind. It’s always a great start to a party! 

PETE:  Fontodi, Chianti Classico Riserva, Tuscany, Italy. Because Chianti Classico needs more love and this wine over delivers every time. 

JENNIFER: It's always fun to bring a juicy Beaujolais to a party. It's a great wine to start an evening with, and often pairs well with a variety of appetizers. 

ALEX: I like to bring textural white wines such as Chenin Blanc from the Loire, Muscadet, Ribolla Gialla, or wines from the Savoie region. Whites can get cast to the side a bit in the winter months, but a nice bottle of Chenin will go well with a wide array of finger foods. 

GINA: Champagne. It's a sure way to liven up the party and it goes with everything. Rosé champagne in particular is always a crowd pleaser. 

What's your favorite Holiday food & wine pairing?

photo credit:  Edible Experiences

photo credit: Edible Experiences

JORGE: Pinot Noir and Turkey is my favorite combo, but there are many options to choose from. 

PETE: Syrah and rib roast:  Syrah has a meatiness to it that pairs perfectly with roasted meats.  Try Domaine Monier Perreol, St. Joseph for a perfect example of what Syrah can do with food. 

JENNIFER: Oysters and champagne! Nothing starts a party then fresh oysters and a bottle of delicious bubbly.

ALEX: Sherry is so overlooked for pairings! There is a sherry style for every food imaginable. Dry Amontillado or Palo Cortado styles go great with roasted meats and caramelized vegetables. The PX style is a great dessert pairing with chocolate bark. But my favorite pairing, (to mirror Jennifer) has got to be Champagne & oysters. 

GINA: If splurging is an option, anything with truffles and champagne. A raw bar with Champagne or Chablis is always delightful.