Top Tech Tools for Event Planners


As event and wine professionals we value staying on the pulse of technology advancements that help us to be more efficient and effective in servicing our clients. The Domaine Somm team recently attended an MPI Conference in San Francisco which featured a workshop on tech tools and apps for the events industry. Below is our roundup of the standouts from the presentation.

1. Newsle, This app will send you notifications whenever your contacts are in the news. This is super helpful if you are trying to keep up with a brand or company.

2. This app will connect all social media platforms, so you can see Linkedin profiles on Facebook, Instagram etc.

3. Crystal This platform goes deep, it analyzes people based on their personality types so you can approach/talk/work with them in a way that will be most effective.  

4. Schedule Once Schedule Once is a scheduling tool that is focused on lead generation and connects with your CRM. 

5. Office Lens  This app is for scanning documents. You need to have an Office 365 subscriptions, but it will allow you to photograph any document and have it be PDF, JPG OCR and you can upload it directly into word and edit it. Extremely helpful for all of us on-the-go. 

6. IFTTT  This stands for “If This Then That”. This is a multi app intergrated resource to streamline your life! It’s very comprehensive, it can be used not only for managing workflow, but for your own personal needs. For instance “if I change my Instagram profile picture then automatically change my Facebook picture”. Or, “if I leave from work, then automatically email my husband to turn the oven on”.  They also have a button called “do” where you can schedule your phone to ring to get out of an awkward conversation. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there!