"Green" Wines for Earth Day

At Domaine Somm, we actively support wineries who use sustainable practices. The wines we recommend are hand-crafted, use grapes that are not treated with commercial pesticides, and are food-friendly. They're good for the earth and even better for our bodies. With Earth Day coming up there are many ways you can give more attention to protecting the environment; perhaps by planting a tree, starting a home composting bin, or helping to clean up a local park. An easy way to support the earth through your lifestyle on an on-going basis is to select wines that are made sustainably. We thought to share with you some great earth-friendly wines that we have tasted recently, so you can go green with wine too! 


Parés Balta is a family owned winery from Penedès in Spain. The two brothers manage the operations of the winery while their wives make the wines. This all female team of winemakers use organic and biodynamic practices in crafting their wines. This sparkling wine is not only a great value, but also makes a great pairing with spring vegetables as it shows notes of lime zest, white flowers, and bright acidity. 


2015 Illahe Estate Pinot Gris

Illahe is a LIVE-certified, Salmon Safe vineyard located in Willamette Valley, Oregon. They don't irrigate, use solar panels and have special horses, (Doc and Bea) that mow the vineyards and bring grapes to the winery at harvest. This white wine is made from 100% Pinot Gris grapes and offers lovely minerality and notes of peaches, melon, and green strawberries. Pair this with some grilled veggies from a local farm! 

2013 Frey Biodynamic PetitE Sirah

We couldn't talk about organic wines in the U.S. without mentioning Frey. The Frey wines are as natural as it gets! The Mendocino based winery is biodynamic, organic, vegan and doesn't add sulfites to their wines. Biodynamic farming practices are based on the concept that everything is interconnected and use the four elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water to guide the vines. This Petite Sirah is a juicy, rich red with notes of blackberries and rosemary. Pair this with mediterranean fare such as grilled lamb kebabs.

bee wine honey wine mead

Bee D'Vine Honey Wine Demi-sec

This "Honey Wine" is technically called mead, which is an ancient alcoholic beverage made from honey, yeast and water. It is the oldest adult beverage on earth! This is also the most sustainable adult beverage; as there are no vines, there is no irrigation. Ethiopian conservationist, Ayele Solomon, started making honey wine as a way to help protect the rainforests in Ethiopia by making the trees more valuable to the locals so they would stop cutting them down. Inspired by his country's national beverage, t'ej (honey wine), Ayele realized that these flowering trees were an ideal source of nectar and pollen that bees use to make valuable honey. He is making an impact in California with his Sonoma based production and with every purchase, proceeds go toward California beekeepers who protect and save endangered bees. We recommend trying this over some strawberries and whipped cream or with brie and honey! 


Interested in trying these wines or learning more about other sustainable wines? We curate custom selections based on your needs and deliver them to your location. Start enjoying by contacting wine@domainesomm.com