Trending Now: Summer Sippers

Some wines simply taste better in certain seasons. In warmer weather, we bet on bubbles, crisp whites, refreshing rosé and maybe even a light red wine with a slight chill on it to keep you cool. Here are a few wines we've tasted recently that will keep you and your guests sipping in style at your next summer event. 

txomin txakoli

2015 Txomin Etxaniz Txakoli 

Txakoli has long been considered "Summer Water" to us. These wines are from the Basque Country in Spain and as you can see the vines are grown right on the ocean! Because of the weather the vineyards are planted to grow taller than the average person, to encourage air flow. The resulting wine is light, fizzy and refreshing. This Txakoli is one of the region's staples. It has bright acidity and notes of lemon-lime zip. 



What's better than a bottle of rosé on a hot day? 4 bottles. This delicious quaffer is "from the tank" of Domaine de la Patience in the South of France. This winery is super eco-friendly, hence the box. But the box offers other benefits; it can fit 3 litres of wine, which makes it perfect for events! The Tank Rosé is light bodied, dry and elegant. So don't let the cardboard scare you; this is a high quality wine.

2015 La Clarine Farm Jambalaia Rouge

This wine is the perfect summer red. Fondly named "Jambalaia" to represent a zesty blend of Mourvèdre, Marsanne, Grenache and Syrah grapes. This light, almost rosé-like red is from the burgeoning California region, The Sierra Foothills. With notes of brambly berries, mushrooms and spice, the Jambalaia Rouge is perfect with a slight chill and is a great match for grilled foods of all kind! 



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