4 WAYS TO avoid cliché on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is one of those days that can bring a lot pressure regardless of your situation. Since we are constantly thinking about ways to elevate occasions with all things vinous, we thought to share a few ways to make this Valentine's Day a bit more special and memorable with wine, going beyond the typical red roses and chocolate theme.

1. vintage wine

Celebrate your relationship with a nice bottle of wine from the year that you met, began your relationship, or said "I do".  Take it further by choosing a region that you both love, took a trip together, or aspire to go together. The extra touch will make the occasion that much sweeter.

2. Blowout dinner party at home 

Enjoy a blowout dinner party at home with unique wine pairings by having a Personal Chef come and cook up a meal via Kitchit. They bring all of the ingredients and handle the clean up, but they don't bring the wine, so you'll need to have a game plan for vino. A thoughtful selection of both familiar and off the beaten path wines to pair with your meal will make the experience an approachable adventure. Staples to include are dry sparkling wines, versatile whites like gruner veltliner or chenin blanc, and a medium bodied, not so tannic red, like Burgundy.  If you need some help based on your menu, our Sommelier team is happy to help!

3. blind tasting game

For a group of friends, add a fun, competitive element to your gathering with a Blind Tasting Game. Ask each of your friends to bring a bottle of one of their favorite wines and pour them blind. Make sure to coordinate a bit in advance and assign styles so you don't end up with all red wines, for instance. Try to identify the grape variety, region, and price point as a starting point. You can make it as simple or complex as your group desires and add prizes for motivation. 


4. adult ice cream party

A grown up ice cream party featuring a range of exotic and gourmet flavors from Humphry Slocombe with wine pairings, of course. Chocolates are wonderful, but we love how ice cream can take on even more depth of flavors making it so fun to pair with wine. San Francisco favorite, Humphry Slocombe is a master of crafting ice cream with attitude. Below are some pairing ideas for you. We're looking forward to doing more "research" as they introduce new flavors. 

  • Champagne with Secret Breakfast (Bourbon ice cream with corn flakes)
  • Vouvray with Honey Thyme ice cream
  • Rosé with Strawberry Szechuan sorbet
  • Madeira with Beer Nut (Brown Butter & Guinness ice cream with housemade frosted peanuts)

Share with us what you're tasting this Valentine's Day with #whatareyoutasting. 

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