Top 5 Ways to Make Your Big Day Special With Wine

When we think of wine, we often think of special occasions, celebrations, love, community and family. So, it's no question why wine plays an integral role at weddings. However, with all the stress that comes with planning the most important day of your life, some details can get overlooked. Every part of a wedding should have a special meaning or significance, so we hate seeing wine as an afterthought! Wine can be so much more than just a means for Aunt Milly to let loose on the dance floor; each wine has a unique story and flavor that can complement not just the food, but each element of the entire event. 

Below are a few ways a thoughtfully curated selection of wine can bring more delight and meaning to a wedding, or really any special event. 

wine regions

1. Spotlight Travel

Select wines from regions or countries you have traveled to or plan to visit. This is a great way to share some fun travel stories through wine and highlight an area that is special to you. 

vintage wine

2. Reveal Vintages

A great way to celebrate a union is to serve wines from years that represent milestones in a relationship. Consider the year you met, your birth years, or to make it a family affair, the years of your parents' wedding day as well. 

unique wine parings for events

3. Showcase Unique Pairings

Serving wines that pair well with a wide array of foods is key at a wedding.  Off the beaten path varieties or regions are usually great bets for versatility and value. Consider adding signage to your food and bar displays to encourage your guests to try suggested pairings. After all, wine and food are meant to be together!

boutique wine selection

4. Go Boutique

We all know how quickly expenses for events (especially weddings) can add up. Thankfully there are plenty of artisan-crafted wines that won't break the bank so you don't have to choose between quality and price. Don't settle for mass produced juice that everyone can get at their local big box store. A well curated selection of boutique wines is an easy way to elevate your big day. Ultimately, you don't want your guests to say that the wine was bad!

wine for events

5. Avoid Bad Hangovers

We have all had that moment looking back on weddings and thought, "oh man, I had a bit too much to drink that night..." If you're going to imbibe a little, an easy way to help avoid a bad hangover is to make sure your wine is high quality and not doused with additives. Usually the mass produced kind will contribute greatly to your day-after-woes, so go boutique as they usually follow sustainable, natural practices. The more natural, the better all around.


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