Notable SF Event Venues

We're constantly scouting interesting venues to recommend for client events.  Recently, we did a full 2-day tour of venues in San Francisco for an east-coast based client seeking the perfect space for a reception of 100+ guests.  Several venues stood out to us as great locations for wine-centric events. Below is our recap.



Photo Credit:  One Kearny Club

Photo Credit: One Kearny Club

This space was impressive to us for it's sleek, modern feel, and rooftop patio. The space offers a full kitchen, several separate meeting spaces, a large projector, and they allow outside wine without corkage, which is a big plus! 



Photo Credit:  Wedding Wire

Photo Credit: Wedding Wire

Dirty Habit is a restaurant located on the top floor at Hotel Zelos. It offers an industrial-rustic feel and a great wine list!  They separate the space very well using their rustic barn doors, which allows for several different rooms to be utilized for wine tastings and food stations. This is also perfect for a smaller group or for private dinners. 



Photo Credit:  The Perfect Spot

Photo Credit: The Perfect Spot

Novela is a quirky cocktail bar located in SoMa. Their theme is literary and all their drinks are named after characters from classic novels.  Its vibrant colors and fun atmosphere make it a unique spot for celebrations.  They also have their own house-made punch on tap!  This could be a fun element to complement our wine experiences.

Looking for ideas on ways to make your event unique? We can help enhance your event through unique experiences, venues, and of course wine! Contact us to learn more!

A New Way to Experience Art

As art lovers, we get super excited when we have the opportunity to curate an experience around it.  When pairing wine with art, our intent is to heighten your senses and facilitate a deeper connection with both the art and wine.  To us, it's important to learn about the artist's story.  What was the artist's state of mind during the creative process?  What was the inspiration?  When were these pieces created and why then?  We collaborate with the artist to analyze the artwork and develop themes to help with the wine selection.  The world of wine is vast, so narrowing it down to a selection that helps to create an immersive, dynamic experience is our goal.  

We recently curated a wine pairing experience with the artist, Kasra Namvari, and his exhibit, Blackout Dreams.  In speaking with Kasra, we identified three key themes which served as inspiration for the pairings.  

The most recently created pieces express a happier period in the artist's life when he decided to join his girlfriend in New York City.  There is a sense of wonderment, whimsy, and playfulness with heavy use of flowers as well as bright colors.  We paired these pieces with the Los Pilares Muscat LaDona 2013.  It is a pet-nat made with the highly floral muscat grape from an unexpected place, San Diego.  The wine is fun, bright, and whimsical.  It was made as an experiment and turned out to be a stunner.  In some ways, it was a leap of faith similar to Kasra's decision to move to NYC to be with his girlfriend and start a new adventure.

ART: Momentary Lapse of Reason, Silenced, The Night at the Cabaret WINE: Los Pilares Muscat LaDona 2013

ART: Momentary Lapse of Reason, Silenced, The Night at the Cabaret
WINE: Los Pilares Muscat LaDona 2013

Another theme we derived from his art is darkness, exhibiting feelings of being challenged, unstable, and full of angst.  This was a period when Kasra and his girlfriend were physically and emotionally separated.  The darkness depicted in the art led us to choose a wine that is particularly tannic - almost a bit harsh upfront with an intense, brooding sensibility.  The wine needed to show a lot of depth to match the layered emotions that the artist exudes through these pieces.  We selected the Perliss Estate "The Raven" 2011, a premium, age-worthy Napa Valley wine made with 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.  In Greek mythology, ravens are associated with Apollo, the god of prophecy.  They are said to be a symbol of good luck, and were god's messengers in the mortal world.  In all of these dark pieces, there is a distinct glow that is visibly distracting.  Perhaps an omen of better times to come. 

ART: Dreaming of Dietrich, Grace WINE: Perliss Estate "The Raven" Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

ART: Dreaming of Dietrich, Grace
WINE: Perliss Estate "The Raven" Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

The subject matter in these pieces is the forest in northern Iran where Kasra used to visit as a child.  The series shows his fading memory of this forest, a place he remembers fondly, yet not so vividly.  With a distant memory, new evolved impressions may alter reality and lead you to form a new version of the experience.  When selecting the wine pairing, we focused on the structure of the wine - one that really allows for the wine to evolve and result in a lingering, almost transformative finish.  There is a sense of familiarity of fruit flavor when you first taste this wine, but then it takes on many different layers of impressions that are more savory, earthy, and wild...almost transporting you to the wilderness.  The vineyard site is a unique location where the vines are own-rooted in 40 ft deep banks of beach sand alongside the Sacramento River Delta.  This distinctive terroir and ancient vines contribute to the wine's capacity to transform and evolve as you taste.  The label's look and feel added a nice complementary visual aid to the pairing as well.

ART: The Fading Forest, The Fading Tree, Shomal WINE: Bedrock Evangelho Vineyard Heritage 2014

ART: The Fading Forest, The Fading Tree, Shomal
WINE: Bedrock Evangelho Vineyard Heritage 2014

Art + wine have a way of transporting you to a different state of mind and feeling, offering new perspectives on experiences and your memories of them.  This project allowed guests to experience art in a completely unexpected manner and think of wine in a new light. We thrive on creating one of a kind experiences that bring intrigue and delight.  Contact us to learn how we can enhance your event with creative programming. 

Trending Now: Summer Sippers

Some wines simply taste better in certain seasons. In warmer weather, we bet on bubbles, crisp whites, refreshing rosé and maybe even a light red wine with a slight chill on it to keep you cool. Here are a few wines we've tasted recently that will keep you and your guests sipping in style at your next summer event. 

txomin txakoli

2015 Txomin Etxaniz Txakoli 

Txakoli has long been considered "Summer Water" to us. These wines are from the Basque Country in Spain and as you can see the vines are grown right on the ocean! Because of the weather the vineyards are planted to grow taller than the average person, to encourage air flow. The resulting wine is light, fizzy and refreshing. This Txakoli is one of the region's staples. It has bright acidity and notes of lemon-lime zip. 



What's better than a bottle of rosé on a hot day? 4 bottles. This delicious quaffer is "from the tank" of Domaine de la Patience in the South of France. This winery is super eco-friendly, hence the box. But the box offers other benefits; it can fit 3 litres of wine, which makes it perfect for events! The Tank Rosé is light bodied, dry and elegant. So don't let the cardboard scare you; this is a high quality wine.

2015 La Clarine Farm Jambalaia Rouge

This wine is the perfect summer red. Fondly named "Jambalaia" to represent a zesty blend of Mourvèdre, Marsanne, Grenache and Syrah grapes. This light, almost rosé-like red is from the burgeoning California region, The Sierra Foothills. With notes of brambly berries, mushrooms and spice, the Jambalaia Rouge is perfect with a slight chill and is a great match for grilled foods of all kind! 



They say time is money and the fewer decisions to make, the less stress you'll have in your life.  So, allow us to help you simplify your life and bring you delight with a wonderful selection of wine curated just for you.  

The best wines for the occasion delivered when you need it. You deserve it and so do your guests!  To start enjoying, visit Wine for Events or contact us at

A (Couple) Day(s) in NYC: June Edition

Gina took a month off from her NYC travels in May, which we made up for in June!  Here are some of the highlights from her last trip:

View of Central Park from one of the meeting rooms at  10 on the Park .

View of Central Park from one of the meeting rooms at 10 on the Park.

Our day began with a beautiful view of Central Park from the event space 10 on the Park.  Gina and I coordinated many events at the Mandarin Oriental in the past, but never had the chance to work with 10 on the Park, which is also located in the Time Warner Center.  The spacious property is perfect for small to mid-size corporate events, but we thought the Circle Room could also be really nice for an intimate tasting or dinner.

The retractable roof at  Rock & Reilly's  can be completely removed on beautiful days.

The retractable roof at Rock & Reilly's can be completely removed on beautiful days.

After a quick bite at Bouchon, we took a tour of the new Rock & Reilly's rooftop bar located within the Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel near Madison Square Garden.  We were impressed by the sheer size of the restaurant's outdoor space and the many options for hosting private and semi-private events.  The space is super-flexible with setups and menus and has been non-stop since they opened in March!

Next, we made our way to 620 Loft & Garden to set up for a client event.  We love working with this space and its blank canvas and outdoor garden.  This is our fourth year producing our client's summer party and every year it's even more beautiful.  We can't speak any higher of all our vendors: Petal Design Studio, Taylor Creative, and Creative Edge Parties.  Thank you for helping to make this event such a success!

Gina engaging with guests at  Primary .

Gina engaging with guests at Primary.

The next day began with a few client meetings followed by a lovely Global Summer Sipper wine tasting at Primary, a new co-working space focused on bringing health and wellness to the workplace.  We met a great group of entrepreneurs and poured some delicious, refreshing wines including NV Graham Beck Brut, From the Tank Rosé, Dirty & Rowdy Familiar Mourvèdre, and a kosher white, Hagafen Riesling.

The Oeuf Norvegien at  Le Cou Cou .  Magnifique!

The Oeuf Norvegien at Le Cou Cou.  Magnifique!

Our day ended with cocktails at the new hotspot the blond (which doesn't really get started until 11pm) followed by an epic dinner (with a David Chang sighting!) at new French restaurant Le Cou Cou.  We enjoyed so many wonderful things, but the Oeuf Norvegien won us over with its poached egg, smoked salmon, and artichoke deliciousness. The restaurant was buzzing with an excited energy and the service was top notch.  We can't wait to return!