Alex Harner

My previous life as a dancer brought me from California to New York City where I ended up (as most performers do) in the world of fine dining. Here I quickly discovered my affinity for wine was much stronger than originally thought. I got my start in the wine industry at NYC’s Tinto Fino, a wine shop that focused exclusively on the wines of Spain. This shop gave me the opportunity to understand the uniqueness of each viticultural region, and the vast diversity one country can offer. Because of this shop I became dedicated to the wines of Spain and gained a deeper love and understanding of wine in general. I went on to pursue my Sommelier certification through the WSET Advanced Course, and continued to work as a Sommelier and wine buyer for the next 4 years before my transition to California. 

I enjoy most connecting a patron’s palate with a bottle, varietal or region they have yet to experience. I am passionate about evoking the excitement for wine culture; Domaine Somm has given me a soapbox on which to stand for unique wines, their story and the everyday romance that can be found in a bottle of wine with dinner. 

I will never say "no" to: Txakoli, oysters, and a porron.

See what I've been tasting lately on Twitter: @alexlharner and Instagram: @alexlharner