amanda mccrossing

amanda mccrossin

Q. Where are you currently working and in what capacity? Please add any other relevant work history.

A.  I’m a sommelier at PRESS Restaurant in St. Helena. I was formerly the sommelier at Rotisserie Georgette in NYC as well as the Core Club.

Q.  What brought you to the wine industry?

A.  I was working at the Core Club while pursuing my acting career in NYC and became fascinated with wine when a sommelier from Le Bernardin was hired to be our new AGM.  His passion for wine was like nothing I had ever seen before and soon what was a small curiosity turned into a full fledged obsession.  He was an incredible mentor to me, and helped me navigate the very big world of wine.  Having no prior knowledge or understanding of wine, I signed myself up for classes and started working on my certifications through the Court of Master Sommeliers and soon found myself at the helm of my own wine program in NYC. 

Q.  What is the best piece of advice you have received that you would like to share?

A.  Don’t let being perfect get in the way of doing something.

Q.  What are you tasting?

A. EVERYTHING.  The world of wine is a big one and I always find myself discovering new things, but I’m particularly excited about some of the Portuguese whites and the wines of the Finger Lakes.

Q.  What inspires you?

A.  Creators.  Whether its writing a blog, filming a YouTube show, or hosting a podcast, I’m constantly amazed by the multitude of outlets in which we can express ourselves freely and independently without the need of a big budget or studio.  Our dreams are so much more attainable in this era of new technology and as the barriers continue to come down, the art continues to expand to new and more widespread audiences.  Louis C.K. is one of my favorite examples of this, he just continues to surprise me with his creativity and challenges me to acknowledge and embrace creative constraints.

Q.  What’s your guilty pleasure?

A.  Wedding Cake.  I’m the girl stuffing her clutch with to-go pieces. Can’t. Get. Enough.