tamara forward sommelier

tamara forward

Q. Where are you currently working and in what capacity? Please add any other relevant work history you’d like to share.

A. I currently work as a Client Services Specialist with Vinfolio. My background has mainly been in hospitality, including sommelier positions with Michael Mina SF and the New York Palace Hotel.

Q.  What brought you to the wine industry?

A. I first became hooked from taking wine education workshops as a fine dining server in NYC. The world of wine and spirits was fascinating and fun, and I loved the fact that it could bring diverse people together.

Q.  What is the best piece of advice you have received that you would like to share?

A. Memorizing all of the complicated facts that surround wine is important to mastering your craft, but in the end, the most important skill is to be able to consistently find a common language with others to give them the best experience they can possibly have.

Q.  What are you tasting?

A.   Experimenting with pairings at home has been a fun pastime, as of late. My fiancé and I like to cook together, and we love trying different wines with our creations to see how they change the flavors. Lately I’ve been exploring Portuguese whites, and various extra brut champagnes.

Q.  What inspires you?

A. Speaking with other foodies and wine lovers from all over the world, and hearing about their experiences and recommendations.

Q.  What’s your guilty pleasure?

A. Two words: Foie. Gras. The addiction is real!