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wine education

Arm your employees, clients, or partners with practical wine knowledge to boost confidence in a variety of settings. Our expert team of sommeliers can integrate educational content into networking events or produce standalone workshops. We specialize in providing wine education for corporate groups, women's initiatives, and hospitality partners. Below are some of the types of educational content we provide. The theme and format can be customized to suit your objectives.

I had the opportunity to attend a Sommelier Series workshop presented by Domaine Somm. Every aspect of the event was thought out and Gina and her team put together a fun social event. We tasted wines from different regions and Gina provided great background information for each. I came away with quite a bit of new information on how to taste wine, differences between wine in different regions and most important, to me, pairing wines with food.
— Courtney, Crain's New York
The Domaine Somm team is not only some of the most knowledgeable sommeliers I have encountered, but they also understand the events industry and combine their expertise to cater to your every need! From private tasting classes for our coordinators, to assisting clients with wine pairings for their hosted events, to even attending parties to explain the pairings to the guests, Domaine Somm is taking their love for wine and making it accessible and understandable for everyone else. Simply put, they are an event planners sommelier dream come true!
— Keely Thorne Events

Wine Education for Business

This workshop is designed to help professionals become more confident and engage when wine is a part of the conversation. The content is tailored for business settings and can be applied to any situation where wine is involved. Foundational elements of wine education will be covered, but the focus will be on the following topics. 

  • Mastering the language of wine
  • Navigating wine lists and deciphering wine labels across the world of wine
  • Identifying and selecting the ideal wine for any occasion 
  • Uncovering the best values and hidden gems 

Wine for Hospitality

This workshop is designed to provide tips and tools to elevate the wine experience at events. It is ideal for professionals in a marketing, event, or hospitality role. Foundational elements of wine education will be covered, but the focus will be on the following topics. 

  • Mastering the language of wine
  • Selecting the ideal wine for any occasion based on your budget, guests, menu, and location
  • Learning pro service + storage tips
  • Stimulating engagement among guests through wine

Wine 101

This workshop is designed to provide tips and tools to maximize the wine experience at home or out on the town. This is a great intro to wine with all the basics you’ll need to fake it ‘til you make it.

  • Wine Etiquette
  • Wine Tasting Basics
  • Pro Service + Storage Tips
  • Classic Regions and Varietals
  • Food + Wine Pairing

Wine Pairing

This workshop can be customized to focus on a particular region, style or cuisine and is designed to help you learn the fundamentals for successful pairings so you can apply them to your favorite style of wine or type of food. Below are some examples of themes.

  • Food + Wine Pairing Essentials
  • Off the Beaten Path Pairings featuring spicy dishes, desserts or BBQ
  • Regional Exploration such as Italian, Spanish, or Asian cuisine with wine
  • Cheese + Wine
  • Chocolate + Wine

Regional Exploration

For those who are interested in exploring a specific region in depth, we will showcase what makes the selected region and its wines distinctive through an interactive tasting experience. Below are some examples of regions to explore.

  • Champagne and Sparkling Wines of the World
  • France: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire, Rhone
  • Italy: Piedmont, Tuscany, Friuli, Veneto
  • Spain: Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Priorat
  • US Wine Regions: California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Texas, Virginia